About Djubi

Making the best outdoor toys out there. Based on the timeless game of catch, Djubi games are based on a simple concept: an elastic loop. The result? The easiest and most rewarding launch out there on an outdoor toy.


Committed to producing quality outdoor toys.


Outdoor is best. Let’s get outside and play catch!


High-flying fun! Djubi is fun, fun, and more fun.

For Everyone

Everyone gets outside to play with Djubi.

Our Story

Simple: our goal is to provide a quality, outrageously fun outdoor activity for kids, parents, and grandparents alike. Djubi is the name of the game and the ball used in the game. It’s pronounced joo-bee, and once you’ve played it, you’ll realize that you no longer have any excuse for sitting on the couch. Better yet, you won’t even want an excuse. You’ll be playing Djubi.

A big part of our mission here at Djubi, is to encourage kids to get off the couch, get active and get outside. We make a toy so simple that anyone can play, and it gets kids active. With Childhood Obesity on the rise, and Childhood Obesity being a focus right now to decrease and eliminate, we are excited to see how Djubi can be a part. Let’s end child obesity and have fun at the same time.