Makers of the SlingBall lineup, ParaShoot, SpringShot, and DartBall!

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Our Story

Simple: our goal is to provide a quality, outrageously fun outdoor activity for kids, parents, and grandparents alike! Djubi is the name of the game and the ball used in the game. It’s pronounced joo-bee, and once you’ve played it, you’ll realize that you no longer have any excuse for sitting on the couch. Better yet, you won’t even want an excuse. You’ll be playing Djubi.

Djubi Active Toys.

Kids love them. Adults love being a kid again.

It all started with the Original SlingBall.

Now there’s a Djubi game for everyone. Check out our growing line of products designed for FUN!

Built for fun. Built for everyone.


All Djubi toys are designed with an elastic ball that sails all on its own. Just hook it and launch it. The Original Djubi game launches balls up to (and over, our fans tell us) 100 feet!

With our ParaShoot toy, watch the ball open up mid-flight and smoothly sail to the ground.

Looking for accuracy? DartBall is designed for you. Rack up points when you hit the target.

But the biggest thrill is the Original Djubi SlingBall game (and Junior and Freestyle versions.) with the built-in net for catching. You’ll be amazed at how intuitive and simple the game of catch can be when you’re playing Djubi!

That’s why we call it the ultimate game of catch. Simple and intuitive. Yet exciting and super-rewarding! Now go outside and play!