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Don't miss out! Get your djubi game today and transform your backyard. Motivating kids (and adults) everywhere to get off the couch!

the original djubi game - 2 two raquet set and 2 two djubis - djubi balls the original djubi game | 2 raquet set and two djubis. Hook it. Launch it. Catch it.djubis in the grass - get your new djubi set today. Take it to the beach, park or just your backyard for ultimate outdoor fun!

the original djubi game

It all starts here. Two racquets and two djubi balls. All you need for a whole truckload of backyard fun. For one or two player fun. Getting the whole neigborhood together? Better get more.

Contents: Two (2) djubi racquets and Two (2) djubis
Recommended age 8+

Djubi Spring Shot Front Djubi Spring Shot Back Djubi Spring Shot Content

Djubi Jr game

HOOK IT! LAUNCH IT! CATCH IT! Djubi Jr. is the coolest new twist on the game of catch for younger players. Inspired by the dynamic design of Djubi Classic racquets, Djubi Jr. was made smaller and with the added feature of the unique E-Z Launcher that guides the ball as it's being pulled back for a smooth and successful launch. Younger Djubi players will have hours of outdoor fun hooking, launching and catching with ease using the Djubi Jr. Ages 4 and up.

Djubi Rocket Birdie Front Djubi Rocket Birdie Back DjubiRocket Birdie Content

Rocket Birdie

READY! BLASTOFF! SCORE! RocketBirdie is the coolest new twist on the old school game of lawn darts. Two individual players or teams of players go head to head in a competition to aim and launch their RocketBirdies into the target ring from up to 40 to 50 feet away. Showoff your skills by landing your RocketBirdie closest to the ring for 1 point, or launching it full blast to land inside the ring for 3 points. Using the Classic Djubi ball as its base, the RocketBirdie adds the element of enhanced accuracy with the built in "birdie cone" designed to help it glide to its destination. Just place the rubber Djubi ball loop over the launch hook, pull back, aim, release and let your RocketBirdie do the rest. RocketBirdie is a great family game for the beach, park or even right at home in your backyard. Ages 8 and up.

Djubi Spring Shot Front Djubi Spring Shot Back Djubi Spring Shot Content


LOAD! AIM! FIRE! SpringShot is a tried-and-true slingshot with a cool new Djubi twist. To play the game, stack the target cups and prove your accuracy skills by knockin' down one cup at a time, or launching your Djubi ball full blast knockin' 'em all down! The game possibilities are endless. The SpringShot was designed to make launching easy, speed inevitable and improve accuracy. Make your Djubi Balls quickly accessible by hanging them on the SpringShot storage hook. Improve your skills with practice and become the SpringShot champion! Ages 8 and up.

Djubi Dart Ball Front Djubi Dart Ball Back Djubi Dart Ball Content


AIM! FIRE! SCORE! DartBall takes the traditional game of darts and adds a thrilling Djubi twist. Prove your skills in this competition by being the first to tally 500 DartBall points for the win! Standing up to 50 feet away, fire Djubi balls off the DartBall mini launchers with the kind of speed and precision that will make your competition sweat and rally a crowd. Great for the beach, park, backyard, and can be used for fantastic fun when tailgating! Ages 8 and up.

new orange djubi balls new djubis - the orange a blue ball

Small Refills

6 small Djubi balls per pack. The ball is made from EVA foam and laytex. Djubi balls also float in water which makes them a great toy to play with at the beach. These small refill balls are used for DartBall and SpringShot and are great to have on hand for hours of endless fun.

new orange djubi balls new djubis - the orange a blue ball

Medium Refills

5 medium Djubi balls per pack. The ball is made from EVA foam and laytex. Djubi balls also float in water that makes them a great toy to play with at the beach. These medium refill balls are used for Djubi Jr. and are great to have on hand for hours of endless fun.

djubi balls new djubis - the orange a blue ball

Large Refills

4 classic Djubi balls per pack. The ball is made from EVA foam and laytex. Djubi balls also float in water which makes them a great toy to play with at the beach. These classic refill balls are used for Djubi Classic and are great to have on hand for hours of endless fun.

Where to Buy

Djubi - the all-new game of catch - is available at leading retail outlets, The Good Toy Group and ASTRA stores nationwide (remember, some stores carry Djubi seasonally), Dunham Sports and more. Click the logos below to find a store near you. This list is growing fast, so check back soon to see more.

Djubi is now available at Scheels. Click here to find a store. Djubi is availble at amazon - Click here to buy online or find a store. Many ASTRA Stores carry Djubi - Click here to find a store. Djubi is available at Ron Jon's Djubi is available at Dunham's Sports Djubi is available at Brilliant Sky Djubi is available at Geppetto's Djubi is available at Learning Express Djubi is available at FAO

Here are a few places to get djubi in Canada:

Djubi is available at Mastermind Toys Djubi is available at Scholar's Choice Djubi is available at f.g.bradley's

Djubi is available online at many locations.

If you would like your store listed here, please contact us.

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  • Best Toy Design Nominee

    September 24, 2012

    Excellence in Toy Design Award 2012 Nominee, David Yearick!

    Djubi inventor, Dave Yearick, has been nominated for the 2012 Toy & Game Inventor Awards Excellence in Toy Design. The TAGIEs will be announced November 16th in Chicago, IL. Show your support; help Dave win by voting NOW. Read more...

  • Best Toys 2012 Award!

    June 28, 2012

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    Djubi is Joy's pick for Healthy Christmas Toy

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  • djubi wins the top award from ASTRA in 2009

    Third Quarter, 2009

    Djubi wins top award

    Djubi is selected by ASTRA as a top choice for toys in 2009. Expect to see lots more of this coming our way.

  • September 28th , 2009

    Recommendation at Edplay online

    Djubi earns another recommendation at Edplay. They even say that we are nice people, here at djubi. Cool.

  • Casa de Carina Best Toy Award

    Second Quarter, 2009

    Djubi wins Best Game at Casa de Carina

    Each year Spanish-speaking focus groups comprised of families with children of a variety of ages select the Best Games for Latino Families at Casa de Carina. This year, they chose djubi out of all the toys at Toy Fair!

  • February 15 - 18 , 2009

    Djubi present at Toy Fair 2009

    Djubi made its first huge splash at this year's Toy Fair in NYC. The booth was buzzing with people dying to get their hands on djubi.

djubi testimonials and reviews | see what people are saying about djubi
  • This is the perfect toy to get everyone outdoors and moving!

    -"The Simply Me" Blog

  • Great for the yard, camping and the beach.

    -"Tales of a Ranting Ginger" Blog

  • The kids have so much fun with it and mom and dad can even join in the fun! We'll be playing with Djubi all through the year.

    -Blogging Mom of 4

  • My kiddos played for hours and woke up this morning eager to head out and play it again.

    -Mommy's Memorandum

  • If this toy doesn’t make your kids eager to get off the couch and go outside, we don’t know what will!

    -Parent:Wise Austin

  • Djubi is a MUST for Summer 2010!

    -Lisa the Toy Whiz, Mastermind Toys

  • “It’s a good deal of fun for kids and adults alike. It gets kids outside. Enough said.”

    -Mark Sisson, Author, Fitness Guru, Primal Living in the Modern World

  • “Perfect for burning off those holiday calories and winter wiggles, Djubi is great for the whole family, from little ones to those hard-to-buy for teens. It gets them up, active and having a great time”

    -Amy Bevins, Toy Expert and Assistant Editor, Washington Family Magazine

  • "I received my new rackets and balls today. I'm blown away at your company's response to my torn racket. The look on my 6 year old's face when he saw what was in the box was priceless. I'm not sure what he was most excited about, the rackets or all the extra balls! Thank you so much!! I will be sure to spread the word about your company!"

    - J Cole

  • Djubi is my boys new favorite "sport". They play every afternoon after school now! Love seeing them outside doing something besides fighting!”

    -Dana, NC

  • Wow I love this game! My whole family enjoys it from my 3 yr old to my parents, we all have a blast playing it together. What a cool game!”

    -Tina, NJ


    ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association)

  • “Quality - Four star revidew for quality from MWCtoys.com. Both the balls and the nets are extremely high quality, and capable of enduring some seriously rough play.

    Captain Toy, MWC Toys

  • “...Addictive and incredibly fun!.”

    Marilyn Walker, Playfair Toys

  • “My 10 and 12 year old daughters took to it immediately and could easily catch with the generous basket. Djubi is good because it's totally original, yet familiar.

    Toy Man Tim, FL

  • “Djubi is an innovative game that is fun, versatile and does not take long to get accustomed to... It is a great product for people who love outdoor games.”

    Melvin Chua, ToyDirectory

  • “Djubi is my kids' favorite outdoor toy. They’d rather play djubi than anything else. Child Obesity better run and hide when Djubi is around.”

    –Father of three, SC